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Wayfinding is part of every commercial building regardless of the type of business or activity. You’ll be impressed with what Aroh can offer you – from basic signage to branded Wayfinding that will accentuate your organization’s personality and purpose. We are experienced in all facets of the process, understand the need to comply with regulations such as the AODA, and are well-equipped with specialized tools and equipment to design, manufacture and install whatever you need, whenever you need it!

When you work with Aroh, you get the sum of all our parts. Whether it be initial concept based on blueprints, a walking tour of specifications for buildings undergoing renovations, even napkin sketches of not-completely-formed ideas – we excel at all of these and more, and we will deliver and install final product that has been manufactured in house and guaranteed to amaze.

Our knowledge and understanding of best practices and vertical products, plus our ability (and mission) to think outside the box to take a fresh approach to each and every project – combined with proprietary “George” and his experienced design and production cohorts – mean Aroh will provide you with a completely different direction in Wayfinding that will be the envy of all your peers!

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