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At Aroh, we believe Wayfinding signage is about more than just directing people to where they need to go.
It is also about communication and efficiency, understanding what information your residents and visitors need, and what information your operation needs to communicate. Using specialized products for unique markets, we create signage that achieves all these goals – in an informative, yet complementary style that enhances any design and décor.

With more than 25 years of experience in Wayfinding, we bring best-practice knowledge to every project. We have developed a deep understanding of how specific markets work given our extensive involvement in a significant number of projects across Canada.

Leveraging what we have learned while continuing to focus on crafting meaningful design, we continually create better Wayfinding communications strategies.

Beyond Aroh’s solid foundation of knowledge, creativity and experience, our team is energetic, dedicated, and motivated – ensuring successful completion of every project, every time!

Please check out our AROH in Action page for the latest designed and implemented projects.

Our Philosophy

At Aroh, we believe signage plays into the life and design of every building. Beyond being essential and providing direction, Wayfinding needs to be treated as artwork – to belong, yet have meaning.

As experts in Wayfinding, we believe we should be guiding you through the process. We should be experts in all aspects of Wayfinding – from design to all regulations – and also provide guidance into operational best practices that affect your industry.

Our Process

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George is the backbone of the Aroh system. We’d be lost without him, stumbling through a maze with no clear sense of direction!

George helps us manage the complex details associated with implementing a Wayfinding project efficiently and effectively – reducing errors and the amount of time required on your part as he streamlines the production process for everyone involved. George is a valuable and powerful member of the Aroh team, doing most of the heavy lifting – so valuable, we had to name him.

Simply put, George is a Proprietary System developed by Aroh. We update him regularly, adding new features to ensure he continues to evolve, be on target, and point us in the right direction for any Wayfinding challenge.



With more than 25 years of experience in Wayfinding, the Aroh team has amassed an incredible amount of knowledge specific to Wayfinding best practices, regulatory codes, and operational best practices.

So, what did we do with all this valuable insight and experience? We put it to good use by developing a 100-page specification guide that covers all market-specific Wayfinding legislation across the country – from building to fire and regulatory codes, particularly as they relate to the Accessibility for Ontarians Disabilities Act (AODA). This specification guide has proven to be an invaluable tool, pointing you in the right direction to ensure that there are no delays in getting the building operational, that your project passes all the required inspections, and at the same time, makes sure your residents, visitors, and workers are safe.



We work with interior designers and architects to develop the best design possible – using different mediums and materials, many of them non-traditional in Wayfinding. We believe that signs go beyond functional – that they should be considered art, augmenting the design of the building and feeling like they belong, not only meeting but exceeding AODA requirements. We understand that clear communication isn’t always conveyed using just signs, so we regularly look at alternative ways to help with navigation, such as architectural details, branding, signage, graphics, to name a few.

Beyond our line of standard products and solutions that will save you time and money, we also pride ourselves on custom design projects when something truly unique and special is required. We are always mindful of budgets, separating back-of-house requirements with lower-cost signage, which allows you to spend money where it is of the most value to your users.



Unlike many companies in the same field, Aroh is fully equipped to provide you with complete Wayfinding services: a genuine, one-stop shop!

Our experienced manufacturing team translates designs and transforms them into physical products efficiently and intuitively. Our in-house manufacturing facility employs laser cutting, digital printing, CNC and metal fabrication – we even have full Braille services that allow us to build signs to ADA and AODA requirements. All components of the finished product are high quality and sourced as close to home as possible.

And, in keeping with our “green” philosophy (George’s favourite colour!), we use environmentally-friendly, reusable packaging to reduce or even eliminate waste.



This is where the rubber meets the road. It’s what everyone sees. And it’s just one more area in which we excel! Our installers are efficient, clean, and organized – so much so that the only “sign” we have been there is that your signs have been put up.

We install to all regulatory requirements and specifications. You can rest assured that we do it right – or we will make it right! We also make every effort to keep noise and disruptions to a minimum while on site.

And here’s a bonus: Aroh offers temporary signs that will reduce delays and allow you to pass inspections quickly, eliminating any worries that your signs will be damaged while construction is being completed.



We won’t just walk away when your job is done, because our commitment to you is never done. All our products come with a comprehensive 2-year warranty, providing you with peace of mind that your investment is protected should something unexpected happen.

We keep detailed records on every project, essentially creating a catalog of every sign produced along with all the specifications, so we are just a phone call away for anything else you might need down the road – attesting to Aroh’s end-to-end project commitments.

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