Aroh Inc. is an expert in wayfinding and design, providing valuable support in designing signage that seamlessly integrates with the architectural style and interior ambiance of each multifamily housing project. The company believes that signage should not only guide but also complement the residence’s interior design while supporting the building’s marketing efforts.

With a proven track record of collaborating with property managers and developers to craft exceptional multifamily housing spaces. Aroh Inc’s  architectural signage not only benefits residents, guests, and staff but also adds tangible value to the property, serving as a strategic investment in its brand.

Aroh Inc. excels in overseeing every aspect of multi-residential signage programs. The company guides projects from design, specification, and manufacture to installation, ensuring a full roll-out that aligns with brand standards, complies with local regulations, resonates with the community atmosphere, and appeals to the target demographic.

Developers and property managers recognise the importance of signage early on and often engage Aroh Inc.’s services during the planning, construction, and branding development stages. The company anticipates and overcomes potential challenges that may arise during multi-residential housing signage programs, ensuring a seamless and successful outcome.

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