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The Aroh team is really excited to present a truly top-of-the-line product for Senior Living residences, and is delighted to introduce our concierge series of display stands. This elegant and easy-to-use solution was designed to enhance the resident dining experience you have so carefully developed. Simply because something is mandatory doesn’t mean it has to be uninspiring. Our deep understanding of how the Senior Living market works has empowered us to solve the dilemma of how to elegantly post the daily menu to meet menu posting regulations and still keep that stylish fine dining look you have strived to hard to create in the dining room.

Our products and solutions are professionally crafted to produce better Wayfinding communications strategies with signage that plays into the life and design of every residence:  essential for providing information and direction, but also treated more like a piece of furniture – to belong, yet have meaning.

We proudly introduce our new, elegant way for residents to find out what’s on the menu…

Menu and Activity Board Stands!

As free-standing units – available in four standard colours or custom stained to match each residence’s décor – our durable, eye-catching stands come in three configurations and are constructed using maple veneer. Able to be located anywhere that information needs to be communicated, they are especially invaluable when there is no wall space available. They can be moved and updated easily by using our Mag frames – for use wherever and whatever the need. Use of the stands as Menu Boards allows you to meet menu posting regulations for public review – and their elegance enhances residents’ fine dining experience.

Our specialized products are designed to complement décor and ambiance for unique markets of all types – providing information that goes beyond “doing what it is supposed to” – to truly become an instrument that guides, informs, and helps your community: your personal concierge, in charge of all special services throughout the residence.

We believe you will agree that our Concierge Display Stands are outstanding!

Concierge 3: Featuring two 8½ x 11 (standard) frames and one 8½ x 14 (legal)

Concierge 4: Featuring four 8½ x 11 (standard) frames

Concierge 3+: Featuring two 8½ x 11 (standard) frames and one 11 x 17 (tabloid)

Concierge Stand Configurations

Available in three standard configurations, you’ll be able to post information in a way that works best for you. Ideal as an enhancement for your residents’ refined dining experience, the stands are highly flexible – not just for the information that can be posted, but that they can be moved around the residence to communicate events or other special announcements.

Presented below are just two examples from our Pinnacle line; we feature other signs in this line, as well as other stand options. Be assured, we can customize to all your requirements!

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