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Faced with Wayfinding challenges for Health Centres? We can help! Aroh removes the complexity by streamlining and enhancing functionality, making it easier for everyone using the centre to determine what they need, where they are going, and how to get there. Partnering with you, we’ll create a “brand” for the centre that will enrich the professional appearance of all your Health Centre Wayfinding regardless of its unique requirements.

Naturally, Health Centres need a variety of Wayfinding – from common areas to individual clinics, offices, and medical procedures rooms – each with their own diverse communication needs. It can be mind-boggling! But, it doesn’t have to be: the Aroh team has all the knowledge and resources you need to outfit or retrofit any Health Centre, making each one welcoming, easy to navigate, and not just another cookie-cutter design plucked from another building that clearly doesn’t fit in. Bottom line? Our designs enhance the building’s design!

Many visitors to Health Centres are older and somewhat anxious. Effective Health Centre Wayfinding makes it easier to get where they need to be goes a long way toward reducing anxiety and improving each visitor’s experience.

We have tools that allow information to be posted easily, tools for visitor takeaways such as brochures, pamphlets, announcements, etc., tools to let everyone know what other services are offered in the Centre, and so on – if it needs to be communicated, we have the tools to do it!

Our efficient processes and common repository for quick, easy access to production components make re-ordering a breeze. Add-ons and replacements will match or complement previous Wayfinding installations, ensuring consistency, quality, and faster turnaround.

Put our years of experience to the test; we guarantee you will be impressed!

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