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Long Term Care (LTC)

Wayfinding that’s practical, functional, and meets AODA and other regulatory requirements, yet is simple, clean, and easy to manage: Aroh’s knowledge-based solutions deliver all this and more to heighten your LTC residence’s functionality and operation. But we don’t stop there. Our Wayfinding complements any interior design and creates stunning enhancements to existing or planned décor that harmonizes with your residence to create a warm, comfortable, non-institutional ambiance. Bring your residence to life; everyone will notice!

Our Wayfinding solutions are designed to improve your residents’ living experience. Their curiosity and interest in everyday events means providing effective communication tools is essential. We have activity boards of all shapes and kinds for this purpose – Date & Weather, Menu, Daily Activities, News & Events; the list goes on – all designed especially for them. Tools like these not only inform residents, they also become a form of entertainment and encourage participation. Added benefits are increased efficiency, a reduction in the number of inquiries that distract your staff, and an overall improvement of the daily flow in common areas.

Let us navigate the maze of rules, regulations and clinical specifications so interwoven in long term care (so you don’t have to). We’ll deliver Wayfinding that goes beyond the basics, banishes the bland, and helps residences manage the burden of adhering to all the requirements. Our solutions provide clear direction and information, meet all safety requirements, and create an environment that makes it possible to respond positively and appropriately to the diverse needs of your residents. We ensure you meet all your communication needs – in a professional, organized presentation designed to blend with your environment and complement any décor. Say goodbye to terms like clinical and institutional; say hello to the warmth and caring that reflects everything we do.

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