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It’s the little things that make a house a home – and that applies equally, if not more so, to senior living. Simply because their “home” is now a shared community, seniors want – and need – to feel “at home” whatever their type of residence. In a Senior living residence, good wayfinding is essential, but say goodbye to cold and clinical. With our specialized knowledge, combined with revolutionary ideas and products, Aroh delivers signage that integrates with the personality of the residence and its residents: art forms that inform!

Why not give Wayfinding a personality of its own and guarantee it gets noticed? Transform areas such as cafés, spas, fitness areas, and theatres – even the residence itself – into distinct, memorable identities that will bring the entire residence to life with signage that is not only functional but visually stunning and appealing as well.

Our solutions are anything but ordinary, and by working closely with you, our combined talents and creativity will truly take your residence to the next level in style and sophistication. No project is too big or too small: our customers range from one-building residences to large communities that span multiple locations.

The Wayfinding strategy is multi-faceted: signage is done to enhance operational effectiveness and help staff run the building more efficiently, but at the same time it must complement and “work” with the residence to enhance each resident’s experience.

The knowledge and experience ingrained in the Aroh team – and our understanding of the ever-changing regulatory requirements – mean we are with you every step of the way, helping ensure you conform and keep your project on schedule.

With George taking care of the more mundane aspects of the project – and the Aroh team your one-stop shop for concept, design, production, and installation – you’ll be free to focus on other details that will guarantee success every time.

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