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At Aroh, we firmly believe that Wayfinding is much more than just directing people to where they need to go. It is also about communication and efficiency, understanding what information your residents and visitors need, and what information your operation needs to communicate. Using specialized products for unique markets, we create signage that achieves all these goals – in an informative, yet complementary style that enhances any design and décor.

Partner with us on a project to make it the best! When you do, we not only take responsibility for all the signage from beginning to end, we also take on the technical requirements of sign specifications and documentation – leaving you and your staff to focus on what you need to do, free from worry. Rely on our expertise; we have skillful signage designers and sophisticated manufacturing equipment and processes. Our full service – from design through to installation – assures you the project will be managed efficiently at every stage, ensuring success every time.

You’ll find us to be “design sensitive” – connecting signage to the architecture and space, both indoors and out. We work directly with you to determine the best sign design to augment your design and ensure it aligns with – and complements – your art and furniture plans.

Our creativity is evident in everything we do, particularly in our use of a variety of materials that set the finished product apart from the more common designs and components. Our wayfinding is not just informational, it is artwork in itself. We can develop brands for rooms, specialty areas, spas, theatres, cafés – even the building itself. Put us to the test; in a nutshell, we love a challenge!

How can we do all this, you ask? Well, quite honestly, we have a lot of tricks up our sleeves to work our magic on each and every project! As a base, we have an in-depth understanding of building codes and fire codes, and we stay up-to-date with all the new AODA requirements. We take responsibility for compliance with all the ADA and life/safety codes. And, if you interface with code officers, we will obtain permits and address variance issues on your behalf.

Moving beyond our knowledge base, allow us to introduce our resident expert “George” – a proprietary management system that allows us to create location plans, plots and mapping. Developed in house, George enables us to create full signage packages at a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods for blueprints and design concepts that involve endless back-and-forth emails, faxes, phone calls, meetings, and so on, with far too many opportunities for overlooked details, additions and modifications along the way. Why put your project at risk of missing or incorrect signage with potential cost overruns when you can rely on one partner who can be entrusted with all the steps along the way – to deliver on time, on budget, accurate and with no missing pieces?

Once the project has been mapped out and the design conceptualized into specifics (all of which is quietly managed by George), we turn to the actual production – again, in house, with skilled craftsmen and all the tools and equipment necessary to manufacture finished pieces just waiting for their future home. We source materials locally wherever possible and keep as small an environmental footprint as feasible during the manufacturing process. We’ll even provide temporary signage to accelerate inspection and accommodate move-in deadlines.

George has an amazing memory too; if you ever need additional signage (and we know you will), all the specifications are at our fingertips and can be sped through the production process, free from worry that it won’t match or will take too long from when it is needed (which is usually yesterday).

So, your project is now at the stage where all the signage is ready for installation. Guess what? We do that too! Whether you are located nearby or close to either coast, you’ll find our footprints across Canada, with installations that are efficient, accurate and unobtrusive. We are installation-savvy and get in and out as quickly as possible, leaving you with the kudos for Wayfinding that wows!

But, don’t take our word for it – our work speaks for itself! Click here for just a sampling of what we can do – and would like to do with you!

Give us a call; we’d love to chat…we’re sure you’ll want to do more than that!

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