The Traditional Placement of Interior Signage in Construction Budgets: A Case for FF&E

Interior signage is typically categorized under the “Finishes” or “Specialties” section of a construction budget, depending on the level of detail or customization involved. In a detailed construction budget, you may see it listed under a category like “10 14 00 – Signage” following the Construction Specifications Institute’s (CSI) MasterFormat division numbering system. [...]

Aroh Concierge Display Stands

The Aroh team is really excited to present a truly top-of-the-line product for Senior Living residences, and is delighted to introduce our concierge series of display stands. This elegant and easy-to-use solution was designed to enhance the resident dining experience you have so carefully developed. Simply because something is mandatory doesn’t mean it has to […]

Braille and Its Role in AODA Implementation

What is the Braille System? Braille is a tactile system of raised dots, each one representing letters of the alphabet, numbers, punctuation and symbols. To read braille, fingers glide gently over paper (or other surfaces) that has been embossed with the braille code. Braille is, to a person who experiences vision loss, what printed words […]

Interior Designers: How We Can Be Your Partner

At Aroh, we firmly believe that Wayfinding is much more than just directing people to where they need to go. It is also about communication and efficiency, understanding what information your residents and visitors need, and what information your operation needs to communicate. Using specialized products for unique markets, we create signage that achieves all […]

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