The challenge presented to us was multifaceted. OMNI Quality Living vision was not just about guiding residents and visitors through the physical space; it was about weaving the essence of home into every corner. Our task was to develop a wayfinding strategy that resonated with this vision. It required our designs to be heavily integrated with their interior design, including existing Memory Boxes. Achieving a cohesive design meant our solutions had to blend seamlessly with the palette and millwork of the interior design.


Our solution was born from a blend of innovation, empathy, and design acuity. We chose a wood laminate that perfectly matched the interior millwork and Memory Boxes, ensuring a consistent aesthetic flow throughout the spaces. Recognizing the importance of personalization in creating a sense of belonging, we devised a solution to include residents’ names and suite numbers within the existing memory box design. This approach aided navigation and fostered a deeper connection between the residents and their living spaces. Furthermore, we introduced acrylics in colours that matched each resident’s home area, with a neutral hue for the common areas. This colour coding system was not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing.


Omni Quality Living, ON

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