Southbridge Care Homes embarked on the redevelopment of four long-term care homes spread across Owen Sound, London, Cornwall, and Kemptville. The challenge they presented was to design a cohesive signage design that would effortlessly blend into the unique architectural fabric of each residence, all the while echoing the uniformity of their interior design.


Faced with this task, Aroh Inc. rose to the occasion in unison with the dedicated Southbridge Care Homes team and the innovative minds at Van der King Design Group. Our shared vision was to create functional signages and curate a wayfinding experience to make these care homes feel more welcoming, less institutional, and genuinely “home-like.” Our solution sculpted an organic narrative tailored to the building’s design essence. The innovative design, marked by its unconventional shape, added a touch of character without compromising on elegance. We strategically embraced distinct colours to delineate individual resident home areas and chose neutral tones for shared spaces, ensuring a seamless navigation experience.

This collaboration wasn’t just another project for Aroh Inc.; it was a testament to our commitment to the world of wayfinding – where design matters and defines the experience. We are immensely proud to have played a pivotal role in developing these residences, making them feel less like institutions and more like homes.


Southbridge Care Homes – London, ON.

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