Modern art


The architecture of the residence and interior design concept were based on Modern Craftsman style. Feature areas required unique identities and VIVA branding. We also had to simplify the Wayfinding style with a font that could be read easily by seniors but at the same time would retain the clean and simple feel of Modern Craftsman.


Three separate designs were developed for the feature areas, all blending for the branding required – for the main floor, corridors, and spa area (pool, gym, craft kitchen, etc.)

We developed a complementary Wayfinding style by employing inlaid laser acrylic; in fact, for some pieces we used up to 20 different components to create the finished product. We manufactured and installed more than 1,000 signs over a period of several months, maintaining quality, consistency and adherence to AODA regulations, thanks to our in-house capabilities. Apart from the residence, we also provided signage for the parking garage – complete with name slots for individual parking spaces.


Viva Barrhaven, Ottawa ON

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