Four dramatic colours defined this multi-storey residence, with each floor telling its unique story. The task? To create wayfinding that not only harmonized with this vibrant palette but also embodied the design vision of the talented John David Edison. During a pandemic, we collaborated over Zoom, ensuring our signs blended seamlessly with the decor, incorporated assigned colours, and remained incredibly legible.

Client Collaboration

Our collaboration with John David Edison, even during the challenging times of the pandemic, exemplifies our commitment to excellence. Over Zoom, we ensured our designs aligned perfectly with his creative vision. From acrylic to matte acrylic, metal, and wood veneer, we incorporated diverse materials to create signage that integrates flawlessly with the decor.


Together with John David, we crafted designs that embraced Signature Living’s corporate identity while integrating effortlessly into the residence’s ambiance. Our secret? A fusion of materials—acrylic, matte acrylic, metal, and wood veneer—that made our signage both functional and visually stunning. Not to mention, securing variances for exterior signage and building banners added an extra layer of complexity we embraced and conquered.

A Two-Year Odyssey

From architectural blueprints to final installations, this project spanned two years, encompassing every corner of the building, from the parking garage to the penthouse. In total, we brought nearly 1500 signs to life.


Signature Retirement Living, ON

Join the Wayfinding Transformation:

Our journey in Wellington West was a testament to our passion for precision and creativity. If you’re ready to elevate your wayfinding game or face similar challenges, let’s connect! Together, we can transform spaces and create memorable experiences.

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