The Residence at Homewood


The Residence at Homewood is a premier, private nine-suite facility that was repurposed from an existing structure within the Homewood Health Centre campus to deliver personalized, confidential, medically-based treatment for mental health, addiction and concurrent conditions. Affiliated with the Homewood Research Institute, clients receive the latest, evidence-based care and treatment to help them better manage conditions such as depression, anxiety, trauma, alcohol and substance addictions. Aroh needed to create signage complementary with the comfortable, elegant, home-like setting, yet remain compliant with the legal requirements of this type of residence.


We developed a design that met all regulatory signage requirements and fit elegantly with the decor of the residence. We utilized the white and grey base colour scheme to form the foundation of the sign design. Adding custom laser engraved logo medallions provided high contrast and created a more sophisticated look. The signs were constructed using a combination of acrylic and white woodgrain pressure laminate. We also developed small stand signs for hand washing instructions as required by Public Health that could be discreetly hidden on the counters yet still be visible when needed.


The Residence at Homewood, Guelph ON

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